Audacious Titan - 8th at Philly Regional

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If you miss Astro Train, there's another way to get to the moon, and it only costs 2 credits! With Project Atlas on the way out, and Audacity amping up the speed, I felt like this deck needed a day in the sun even with clot lock lurking around in the meta. Trick of Light costs less influence than Biotic Labor, is resilient to Siphon Spam, and with all the money you save you can rez beefy ice like Colossus.


First ice up centrals (protecting against early Atlas steals and Siphons is critical, but denying temujin and dirty laundry money should also be high on your priority list). If you suspect Clot definitely prioritize a Never Advance (Macrophage if you have it) remote, also putting one remote ice down just to prevent Astrolabe draws while you FA is nice. Otherwise you won't be needing remote servers. Don't get lazy though, always keep an eye out for rush potential.

Next get two advancement tokens down on some ice, against Anarch you'll want to play around ice destruction so archives or a throwaway remote is OK, or just an innermost ice with an ETR in front of it. I wouldn't bother respecting En Passant. If your advancement ice is a Hortum or Mausolus and you anticipate a facecheck, you might as well go up to 3 advancements, and if you have 2 Trick of Lights in hand 4 advancements is a good idea. If you have a strong read on your opponent's Killer you can also advance Colossus accordingly.

With advancement tokens ready to go you'll want to overdraw into your Atlases and Trick of Lights, FA out the first Atlas and now you can tutor for the 2nd Trick or the 2nd Atlas, once you have 2 scored, Audacity is a great way to get the 3rd out, but Trick is still and option. Along the way, or using the final tutor token, score a Hostile Takeover FTW.

If an Atlas or two get stolen you'll have to get creative. You can build a remote and try to NA a GFI out with double trick or trick audacity. Also double trick or trick audacity will get a Corporate Sales Team scored, Preemptive Action and Jackson can help you find these extra FA tools faster. 2 Atlas/Sales Team 3 Hostile is also a possible strategy.


The Sales Team makes more sense that Oaktown Renovation, since Trick of Light does not count as advancing, though this is fringe anyway because if you're scoring the sales team it's probably as your final agenda. However double Tricking into Sales team early in the game isn't terrible as long as you have a preemptive action or Jackson in hand to put those Tricks back into the deck.

Put a lot of consideration into scoring a 2nd Hostile, unless you think scoring 3 is a realistic avenue to victory, I would hold it in hand to turn off an employee strike. Generally it's not worth giving them the 2nd bad pub.

Bryon Stinson fakes as Crisium Grid and if you have a Hedge or IPO in the bin can make you $9 or $13 in one click. Don't do this excessively though because the deck doesn't need 35 credits to win.

Ark Lockdown and CVS are in there for Clot, but Lockdown has tons of good targets in other matchups, and CVS is useful vs datasucker and medium.

2 Audacities is very, very fast. You'll often win by turn 8 or 9. I can see how going down to 1 wouldn't slow things down much, I just wanted to showcase the card!

Beanstalk Royalties can sometimes be a dead draw in the mid to late game, but it's invaluable in getting to the first IPO or recovering from early aggression or siphon/vamp

Preemptive Action is mostly there for speed, if you have 1 Trick of Light in the bin I'd Preemptive it back in immediately. You'll also be happy to see it in mill match-ups.

12 advancable ice seems like overkill but you really want consistency in drawing these and the few extra are important against ice destruction.

Ice Wall and Meru Mati are cheap so you don't always have to dip below IPO range against early aggression, it's hard to value tax Paperclip so barriers are weak here.

Mausolus is porous and if they float tags isn't very taxing, so you may have to triple advance it, but most runners seem intimidated by this ice. I'll stop playing it when people start reacting to it better.

Hortum is very important vs. eater, if you figure they're on siphon spam this will buy you a lot of time (and if you Ark Lockdown their Black Orchestra thats game)

I've seen a lot a Smoke this regional season and Colossus with 2 advancement tokens on it is perfect vs Dagger.

Guard is seen as an amateurish card in the local meta, but after doing a lot of traveling this regional season and seeing it in other decks, I figured I could do what I wanted. I like it because it ensures that your opponent will have to play their full breaker suit almost every game.

So for the future I see myself including a 2nd CVS and switching out a Meru Mati or two for Fire Walls. Against Kate and Smoke the current build can purge its way through clot or find an opening for Ark Lockdown, however against Haley, I think I'm going to have to start making more taxing NA remotes with Macrophage and Super-Advanced Firewalls.

-Steel City Grid-

28 Jun 2017 haywire

Great Deck.

What about Dedication Ceremony?

28 Jun 2017 aunthemod

It and SFK both fit in economy wise. I found that the 2 clicks and 2 credits Dedication Ceremony saves you is fast, but having it in deck makes the pilot complacent, too many turns I'd click for credits instead of double advancing, because I was waiting to draw a Dedication Ceremony. Then you'd mandatory draw the Trick, and the Atlas stays in hand a turn longer than it should while your opponent watches you double advance ice, if they know whats going on they run HQ. The other undesirable scenario is when you diligently pre-advance your ice but then draw nothing but Dedication Ceremony. I found that the most consistent and fast way to pilot the deck was to leave the advancing to the pilot since the timing on that is important and you don't want to depend on rng for it.