Undefeated Smoke (3rd at Hamburg Regionals)

Watzlav 670

Total Shaper Strumpfhose

Total Shaper Strumpfhose is German for "total shaper dominance".

This decks carried me to a third place at Hamburg regionals beating Jemison, Blue Sun glacier, Ruhr Valley AgInfusion, SYNC, Architects of Tomorrow and Blue Sun glacier again. I paired it with my AG Infusion list, that didn't do nearly as well.

Shout out to JamesG for inspiration.

27 Jun 2017 Longi

Well Done Vaclav. Would you make any changes, now, after the tournament experience? Did you not miss a Cloak credits? What about to include Net-Ready Eyes or The Personal Touch insted of the Datasucker? It saves the influence and the memory (you have it mostly for Blackstone efficiency, I guess). Btw. cool picture :)

27 Jun 2017 Watzlav

I would definitely consider some changes, because one of the strengths of this build is the adaptability. For example it seems that numbers of asset spam decks are declining, therefore I could trim down to two Astrolabe.

I was short on (stealth) credits by the end of an awful grind against AgInfusion, but with RDI you are not as hungry for recurring credits as you are with the Indexing version that needs to run multiple times in a turn.

On the matter of Datasucker, first of all I don't need to save memory, since my full rig is 5MU.

Second of all, right now I don't think that I would need to save influence, since Datasucker is still one of the best choices in the game for one influence. It's not mostly for Blackstone efficiency, but for it's versatility (DNA Tracker, Archangel, Wormhole, Cobra, Komainu, Tsurugi, etc.)