limnrix 150

Hurt yourself to hurt the corp. This deck works by draining the corp's hand away even when you can't get into Archives any more, even when they're not keeping anything in HQ. You get 3 Officer Frank turns, which should be, in order, Titanium Ribs (so you can choose to lose your I've Had Worse & breakers), Net-Ready Eyes, and a Mad Dash. If they do damage so much the better, get your Vengeance out as early as possible! There's a lot of draw in here for a reason, most of which is the minimum deck size and the conspiracy breakers, but use Fisk Investment Seminar wisely, when their hand is empty and you've got a loaded Vengeance, Frank, Archives access, Hemorrhage, etc. Hemorrhage & Maw keep the pressure on, and Persephone is an added bonus in case they've got some net damage ice out there for you to load your Vengeance with AND mill them. You don't want to not run - it's extra fun to run HQ after a lot of corp-choice trashing - but if you can't, Hacktivist Meeting can still make it hard for them to hold onto anything. When it looks like they're about to win, pop Hades or use that money you've saved to install Hades, trash anything in their hand that you can, and hope you swiped enough to win. Which, if you did this right, you have.