The Nerve, 1st Varberg Regionals

skewie 259

So there has been a few decks popping up around the DB with the concept of ParaSifr spamming out of Hayley. This is my interpretation of this archetype. As a side note to this, the decklist originally had 3 R&D Interface, but I couldn't find my third copy while putting together the deck (added "Freedom Through Equality" instead)

The most notable card beyond the main structure is Nerve Agent. During the tournament it did some heavy lifting, especially against the SYNC matchups. Clearing the entire hand of BOOM!s is just... well... great. :)

My original plan for Nerve Agent was to have it as HQ pressure against the various CI decks and Moons.

Overall it's a really fun deck to play but could of course use some more fine tuning. Parasifr Hayley has a lot of flex slots so just have fun with it. :)

The deck went 4-1 during the span of both days-

Round 1 vs BYE
Round 2 vs Aginfusion - LOSS
Round 3 vs Siegl on Standard SYNC - WIN
Round 4 vs Aginfusion - WIN

Top Cut:
Round 1 vs TugtetguT on Standard SYNC - WIN
Round 2 vs Palaña Foods - WIN

Top cut matches (and also my epic fail loss in Round 2 of Swiss) are available on VOD, I'll link to that here when I find it.

Corp deck is here.