Kit^{-1} - Norwich Regional Cache Refresh - 2017-06-11

manicmoleman 448

The plan with this deck is pretty simple: 1) Get Magnum Opus down 2) Get Inversificator down 3) Make R&D easy to get into and win with Medium

On the day I only ended up playing this deck twice. Once against a Estelle Moon, Sandburg asset deck (loss) and once against a Builder of Nations Government Takeover deck (win). The former game would have almost certainly been closer by me recognising that without Jackson Howard, Estelle Moon decks tend to have a lot of Agendas in HQ. Instead I focused too much on R&D and on getting rid of Sandburg.

Changes I'd make would be to get rid of the Anarch breakers and find room for a single Rumour Mill, as Sandburg in the Cache Refresh format can be very good; in the game I lost I spent an eye watering amount of money to get into the Sandburg remote and trash it, only for it to be brought back with Friends in High Places. In their place I'd probably use Pipeline or Inti, as with Dedicated Processor they aren't that bad as influence free options.

16 Jul 2017 TR1S

The name of this deck is magnificent.