Pragmawtist 2.0

Robotoast 37

Just your good old Leela with Maw. 1 and 4 at Colorado Regionals. Lost to wide HB decks over and over again, and I think Aeneas Informant only actually got drawn twice, and played once. Highlights include a loss to the Cerebral Imaging, Brain Rewiring, Show of Force combo despite On the Lam on the table (the madman scored out 7 points with three biotics, jeeves, and audacity of all things), and accessing a Quantum Kitty with Gang Sign immediately following a Breaking News score (also Maw was installed, we had to draw out a flow chart).

I still think it's a good deck. I misplayed a lot and had tough matchups. Probably don't bring this if you think you're going against a lot of HB, or just draw your informants.