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25 Jul 2017 rojazu

its a sad day indeed when criminal are importing sentries (from shaper of all places). how did you find it in comparison to mongoose?

25 Jul 2017 Saan

@rojazu Sometimes you draw it, sometimes you find it with Special Order.


27 Jul 2017 Seriousigg

@rojazu I also consider adding OK-not-OK but it's the Moons matchup that worry me most. Early Architect fires can really accelerate them along and 5 to break (plus the extra 1 to install) when it's the only ice compared to 3 with Mongoose is what put me off the idea.

11 Aug 2017 willsta

@lpoulter how did you find Na'Not'K? I am finding the choice between 3rd strike/ rebirth and Na'Not'K a pretty hard one.