Artist Sifr

Tribbiani 3

This dect is surprisingly using Sifr and Parasite. In the, I won many times with high winning rate.

the strategy is below In beginning, SMC and Fansite are needed. Against comparative slow deck like HB or Weyland, Install Magnum Opus with SMC and install many fansite. When corp get agenda, my turn begin. With Fansite, Sifr is installed. and trash ice with parasite. if enough Fansites to operate, install Aaron or R&D interface.

Against Jinteki or NBN, use Fansite to install net shield, Aaron or film. it works well

As weak point, remove parasite from the game with Ark lockdown or Scorpios. and Architect is horrible.

Thanks for reading.

25 Jul 2017 FarCryFromHuman

I think you can switch out Pipeline for Na'Not'K and no longer struggle with Architect.

25 Jul 2017 Tribbiani

Thanks for your comment, FarcryFromHuman. This deck is made before Free Mars. Na'Not'K is very very stronger then pipeline + dedicated processor haha.