Aginrusion 1.01 (6th at Preston Regional)

Tolaasin 722

DOTW from @ouroboros, who was kind enough to chat to me about it during the week running up to the Preston regional, and help me with meta calls. Knowing that @rotage wouldn't be coming to Preston, but that @cerberus would be, made switching EBC for Crisium an easy call. I also replaced one of the Komainu's with Assassin, mainly because I was concerned about Parasite instakill. The deck went 3-1 on the day - with a first round bye, I lost to early R&D snipes in round 2, but was really happy with the rest of the day, taking wins against @evilgaz and @seeheartype and an ID in round 5 to go into the cut. It turns out that when your opponent is decked and doesn't have Critic you can score out Obokata naked - which is just as well as that was pretty much my only out! In the cut, I only corped once, winning against @angedelo's Hayley deck which invoked much shaper nonsense to repeatedly challenge the remote, but a series of caprice psi games allowed me to hold out. Unfortunately, both @cerberus and @seamus had figured out that Aginfusion was an excellent call and I lost both runner cut games to go out.