Anatomy of Anarchy 2.0 (Steven Wooley memorial, RIP)

x3r0h0ur 8718

Mars brings us the ultimate tools for modern tag me anarch, and wewlad do they work. This shell will work in about any anarch, even omar.

The shell is 3 god of war, 3 siphon, 3 counter surveillance, 3 mars for Martians, obelus, deja, same old thing.

You play typical tag me, flood with resources and pile on tags. Using counter surveillance you make deep digs after matching credits to tags with mars for martians. Dean lister makes it cost 0 to break ice with god of war, so usually 0 credits over mars for Martians are needed. I like to follow up surveillance deep digs and draws with severnius runs onto HQ to win in 1 turn, or get close. Severnius also helps you bin your conspiracy breakers for value, often a draw or two, while making them available that run.

Even after your power turn, you can mfm again, or deja for it and set up another counter surveillance dig. Josh gets the tags up high fast, while speeding setup or slowing the corp, fall guy helps keep him and the clan cards alive for draw value. They can be parasite if you play null, or noise with suckers. Influence is a little maelleable on the 3 fall guy. A val version exists with 2 siphon 1 planned assault, 1 blackmail, and the dlr package...gross.

I took this to the Louisville regional and have tested lots and its super strong. Previous versions were featured on @Codemarvelous show. It went 3-1 At the regional, but didnt make elim, where I think it would have done well.

RIP Steven Wooley.

6 Aug 2017 MrBuggles

How does this fare against Sync? What's the game plan?

6 Aug 2017 x3r0h0ur

Sync isnt too much of an issue, rather with siphon and keep mercs on the board with lots of resources before going full tag me, and deja by them back with even more resources as they keep trashing. Keep using god of war, or multiple ones, to get tags so that you can rip down 1 or 2 big mars for Martians so you can go deep with counter surveillance and won in 1 turn hopefully. Digs let you trash boom, so do that, but dont steal gfi early, eoi is an issue. It can be tough to even be able to score out if they get too many breaking news out the door, so don't durdle too much.

Another option is to stay low on tags, lean more on severnius but still keep them poor, they typically dont carry lots of cash. This way requires you to be more measured in your approach to tags, draws, and accesses.

6 Aug 2017 Nordrunner

Nice deck, been running a very similar deck recently. Perhaps the most explosive runner deck I have ever played. I haven't run into anything I'd consider a bad match up, have you?

6 Aug 2017 x3r0h0ur

Moons with early ELP was an issue in testing and at the regional, but I displayed badly a few hard to say. Otherwise no particular decks have been an issue. Bad draw vs the right kind of corp can be a game loss, but I don't think I can find a MU I won't take. Confusion is about the have to set up siphon counter surveillance forks, firing the ID only once per turn keeps one or the other viable. A static medium threat...prevalent in earlier versions, was a good answer to this.

Seeing macrophage can be bad, cyberdex on board can be awkward.

6 Aug 2017 x3r0h0ur

That's uhh misplayed

6 Aug 2017 x3r0h0ur

That's misplayed and aginfusion not confusion lol. Autocorrect.

7 Aug 2017 gandrasch

I was a bit skeptical, as I never had played tag me Anarch before, but holy shit this is insane. Do you install all 3 God of War for a 3 tag swing in your run turn?

7 Aug 2017 x3r0h0ur

Usually just 1, unless the corp is purging...or if theyre fast and I need to get tags sooner...or if theyre trashing Josh b. Siphon and 1 god of war should be all the tagging you really need...josh is just nice to have either way.

7 Aug 2017 zmb

Interesting! Rebirth into....?

7 Aug 2017 x3r0h0ur

Quetzal if resister is your problem...or if pclip doesnt show up quickly.

Omar if caprice or crisim are defending the central.

Reina if it's econ light or you want the link. Great to stuff vanilla, quandary, popup by keeping the corp at 0 through siphon (0 cost ice are still 1 vs reina...keep all the ice on rnd unrezzed!).

Kim almost never.

Maxx if you really have to go fast but not long.

Noise if you want to random lucksack virus mills (never).

The right ID for the right match up.

8 Aug 2017 MrBuggles

Anoher Sync-related question (I'm just theorycrafting here) - what would you do if, as soon as they realised what deck you were on, they install double advanced a GFI?

9 Aug 2017 x3r0h0ur

keep them poor so they can't score it, if you can't, let them score 3 points early, and go deep diving later. Essentially, like any other deck would have to do, other than film critic, try to score out in 1 turn.

15 Aug 2017 MrHuds0n

How do you win against AgInfusion?

15 Aug 2017 x3r0h0ur

It isn't easy, but rebirth lets you go omar to clear caprice and crisium. You have to set up forks where you can both siphon and counter surveillance on the same turn, the corp has to decide which attack theyre going to redirect. If they choose to not redirect siphon enough, they won't be able to re ice rnd and pay to red other ice, like in the remote. Usually this can involve a turn of counter surveillance, deja vu, counter surveillance again. Eventually they run out of ice, and the longer they stall, the bigger your digs. Eventually agendas pile up in us and you can severnius for a legwork.

18 Aug 2017 rattkin

What is Eater here for? Just Siphon runs?