Snowflake Moons - 1st Leuven Regionals, Belgium

clercqie 303

Got 1st place at Leuven Regionals, Belgium. 16 players. 5 rounds of Swiss into Top 4 cut.

Bog standard HB Moonies. I'm currently falling into the ABT camp in the ABT vs. SFT debate. Belgium is Dyper-heavy so that's definitely another point in ABT's favor. Likewise, I really like the Crisium grid as my last influence pip. It helps against threats like Siphon, Keyhole and Deep Data Mining. I prefer the Ark Lockdown over the Blacklist because it can permanently remove a Clot, Breaker, Siphons, Parasites and the like. Blacklist is better to thwart Bloo Moose, but I don't like that it occupies a protected remote. There are other assets that are a higher priority to protect.

Tournament went as follows: BYE, win against Dyper, win against Noise, ID, ID. In top 4 I played against Dyper and Temuijin Whizzard. Definitely got very lucky in the finals: while flooded, my opponent managed to hit my Biotic four times in a row in an otherwise 4 agenda hand. Otherwise, we would've had a second game.

7 Aug 2017 FREDPI

Was a hard fought game tha last one. Maybe going for the late game plan was my mistake in the end, costing me 1 or 2 accesses.

Really fun game and that's the only thing I'm hoping for :).

7 Aug 2017 clercqie

Yeah tense game! :-)

The Mimic install over the MKUltra did make sense though, but you dipped in credits which gave me the window to finally clean out HQ. But you should've won already on the accesses before in any logical reality. :-D