Investing in Music Piracy

DrJekyll 34

This deck is strongly inspired by funnyways3's deck 'choose you own adventure' which is a score focused Haarpsichord so if you like the idea check it out.

Since picking up netrunner at the start of the year as my first card game I've found people are actually very good at playing the game. Should you play some degenerate combos or grindy/uninteractive decks to combat this? no, instead don't see the hacker as your enemy but your friend and turn them winning into your success.

How to score: quantum predictive model best behind a data raven, clones aren't people, franchise city which should score you 1-2 points most games, a lot of 2/1 agendas, and of course the ID itself which stops multi accessing agendas which is huge. Award bait is the MVP and its best use is in a open remote next to an iced unadvanced global food. For econ you have special offer and hedge fund for early game and stock buy back for the later game which usually gives 6-12 credits but can be more especially with news team which actually counts making it an even better include (play three if you want to test the patience of some players).

Other cards included are MCA informant primarily for film critic and less so aaron marron which hurt this deck (might consider running two), Keegan lane for trashing programs as most runners fearing a kill plan will clear the few tags this deck uses for scoring quantums. Rest of the ICE is fairly standard for nbn I think. Overall very fun deck with a lot of interesting set ups you can come up with that surprise the runner as you quickly jump in points and they begin to feel like a rat in your maze. The best part is its winning games which is refreshing after sticking with jemison since its release and not having best record with it despite loving it. The deck seems particularly good against anarchs especially tag me which is on the up at the moment.