Murphy 1388

From the #TwitchBuildsNetrunnerDecks stream. Recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2jLhwijXQs

We had our viewers build a couple decks for us and then we played them on the internet.

I have no idea why they put 4 Fracters in the list and 3 AIs. Also, Baba Yaga went in and out of this list about 6 times for some reason. There was a real battle over the Yaga.

If you have questions, ask the dinguses on Twitch.

9 Aug 2017 inniscor

This deck is actual hot garbage.

9 Aug 2017 Murphy

@inniscorThis is your fault.

9 Aug 2017 inniscor

@Murphy I tried steering you guys towards a sensible apoc plan. This is just madness.

10 Aug 2017 charlie_xavier

this deck is legal for all instances of the MWL. impressive.

10 Aug 2017 Murphy

@charlie_xavierWe don't play the "good" cards. We tell people what the next good cards are going to be. Like Owl and Force of Nature.

10 Aug 2017 charlie_xavier

i dunno @Murphy PYL should probs be level 4 MWL