No Entry for Temüjin

Kaiji 61

I built this deck for 3 reasons:

1) I wanted to have longer games with our newer players and have them learn about credit management, decision making, baiting and creating scoring windows.

2) I wanted to stop getting "Temüjin'ed" turn 1 almost every single game (and also not care about Employee Strikes) against more advanced players .

3) I had actually never played with NEXT ICE before, so I wanted to give it a go

I took the inspiration for Bloom & Architect from Severijn's list:

It turns out the deck fares pretty well against all kinds of runners, especially denying early run economy. Fair warning though: it may requires a really tight play style, which may involve frequent clicking for credits (although that feeling might be due to playing against a lot of Account Siphons recently).

25 pieces of ICE should make for reliable use of the ID ability. It's acceptable to keep a hand with 5 ICE, but a hand with only 1 will always get mulligan'ed.

The situation might arise where you have 3 remotes with 2+ rezzed ICE each, and will be able to play triple install mind games behind taxing walls. Due to Jeeves & never advance shenanigans, you can bait runners through a lot of tax to find Marilyn or Jackson in your biggest remote.

I tried NEXT Opal in an early testing, but replaced it with Magnet. I had thought about macrophage, but there are too many instances where I don't want to spend credits on trace, and I'm not that concerned about viruses anyway (Medium & Data Sucker will not get that much value because of the price of running central walls; Parasite can be annoying, but there is enough ICE in the deck to recover from destruction; Clot is useless against classic install/score over 2 turns).

While you can rush out early agendas (firing off the first ABT will probably shut a server down (usually R&D)), the deck can go the distance with trickle economy, and Marilyn Campaign can ensure you never run out of cards.

13 Aug 2017 Krams

Always good to see NEXT decks around :D
25 ICE is sure a lot... 52% chance to see at least 3 ICE in the starting hand.

How well does the deck handle runners with a stable economy that's not run-based?
I mean, you can't keep them out forever by simply taxing alone.

14 Aug 2017 Kaiji

@Krams It's actually surprisingly solid! Though I also play it reaaaally tight when I'm running low on credits (this deck has been siphon'ed 7 times in one game and still pulled a win :)), but in the end game, I have at least 3 pieces of rezzed ICE on each server (more on key servers depending on the matchup, but it's usually R&D + Scoring remote), where each run would cost a double digit amount of credits to go through.

You should be able to score some agendas at every stage of the game (early rush, mid game tax, late game bait), and if you are on match point, no runner will just sit back and watch you deploy anything unrezzed behind that scoring remote.

I've had games against runners with decent economy where I created 1 "big" (4+ ICE) and 2 "medium" size (3 ICE) remotes and played mind games with triple installs. It then comes down to how good you can read/bait your opponent into running out of credits by trying to access your unrezzed campaigns/jacksons - In that regard, Marilyn can "keep them out forever" ;)

I hadn't calculated the odds, but 52% sounds really good, and any 1 ICE hand mulligan has yielded a 3+ ICE redraw so far, so, yeah, solid :) I could cut the magnet & Rototurret for some more money or Biotics, but I didn't feel it to be necessary. I also played with the idea of adding Shipment from SanSan for Jeeves shenanigans, but I like how my influence is currently spent.

Try the deck out and tell me what you think! :)