Mr. Jackpot's Hayley (2nd at Durham Regionals, 1st in SHL7)

thebigunit3000 2270

Thanks Mr Jackpots

This deck went 4-3 in Swiss/Cut at Durham Regionals, losing to @neuropantser 's Moons and @basoon 's Aginfusion twice. That said, I think it has game vs. most every deck in the meta besides IG decks and decks with 3 Chiyashi.

The gameplan of the deck is very different depending on the matchup you're facing, which is why strong mulligans are important (and why it's such a slot machine). You generally want to be drawing cards right away so you can slam them down with your Hayley ability -- you're looking for Laguna and Astrolabe. But you also want to not have to click for credits in the first few turns -- you also want an Aesops / Sure Gamble in your opener. Besides those two, you're looking for looking for the specific tech cards for each matchup, whether that's Film Critic, NACH, Employee Strike, Political Operative, or Paricia.

After your opener, you're playing a regular Lock Hayley game -- keep your advancing your board, build up pressure on centrals (Siphon+NACH, R&D Interface+DDM) while always having enough resources to steal from the remote. Moons is an interesting matchup because you generally can contest their board, but they'll get somewhat rich off of Turtlebacks and early Moons, but you can hope to Siphon them down later to keep your lock alive.

This is a good deck but I think Josh's Andy deck and some form of Whizz (Sifr, Desperado, Mars for Martians) are better against an unknown meta. Also, since this deck is now on netrunnerdb, more people will be playing it on, meaning any surprise value it has will be lost.

14 Aug 2017 neuropantser

Congrats on the finish! I enjoyed our games a ton. Wish I'd known you were only on 1 Siphon--that might have spared me a DDM in our first game.

18 Aug 2017 triorph

This deck is a beast against moons. I was very impressed watching it play during the SHL finals. Given that almost every AgInf has 3x Chiyashi and AgInf is a strong part of the meta, I'm unsure how much i like it as a general purpose tournament deck.