Still Broken Cards Whizz - 3rd Place GenCon

Aesynil 403

Stole it card for card from another winning deck - with one exception. I must have a 46th card, and I love Deja Vu. So there it is. Ironically, I ended up with 3 all-event street peddlers through the tournament, and each one of them had a deja vu on them - pretty sure it was that 46th deja vu each time, laughing at me for including it.

Brought it thinking I'd see Ag-Infusion, and went all of swiss without seeing a single one of them. Turns out I don't know how to play against Moons, and this deck isn't great for it - saw so many moons during the day. Got to the cut, and first deck I saw was Ag-Infusion, and I was thrilled to death because it performed exactly as I wanted it to. I'd write up more thoughts, but rotation murders this deck, so why bother? Nobody will ever play it again.

22 Aug 2017 Dazzler

I care!!! I love whizzy!!

22 Aug 2017 PureFlight

To be fair, Rotation makes you lose Whizz (!!), Plascrete, and Liberated, the latter two being 1-ofs. So you could pretty much play this after rotation happens in November.