The Sun Never Sets on New Angeles v6.2 (8th place Malaysian

sigma83 293

Still the funnest corp deck ever - if still incredibly technical and difficult to play. Cards that came out since the previous version include Colossus and Tithonium which are both incredible. I made a mistake not running 3x Colossus in this version and I will never drop below 3 again.

Tithonium is so good I am seriously considering running Hostile Takeovers and their bad pub/Scarcity of Resources removing if stolen nature so I can get 5c and then another 9c when I sacrifice it. As it was I sacrificed 7 points of 'real' agendas on the day just so I could a) have a big scary barrier when the runner wasn't expecting one b) another 9 credits.

Illegal Arms Factory is also very good considering you can get the card and the credit then bounce it for the rez cost - but I'm sort of wondering if it might not just be better as a couple of IPOs for the extra econ burst for those crucial early turns. Ditto the GRNDL refinery - I didn't see it on the day, but the value of a card that I can IAA in a super expensive remove seems like it would be better than a 1x IPO.

Previous versions also ran Hunter-Seeker and Best Defense. I'm a little more confident about dropping Best Defense (because if you have them multitagged why don't you just BOOM them?) but the Hunter Seeker might come back as a way to fight the runner when my econ is low. I can think of several turns on the day where a Hunter Seeker would have ruined the runner - the only issue is what to cut for it. Probably the GRNDL.

Changes for the future

To be honest I am considering hanging up Blue Sun - runners now are absurdly rich and if you don't get Oversight/Big Ice draws early you're pretty hard up in terms of trying to midseason them. I might swap over to Titan to take advantage of my meta's refusal to run Clot for some reason - but then again I might just play BLue Sun until rotation forces the issue and takes away my precious Oversight AIs. (sobbing eternally)

-1 Enigma +1 Colossus. 2nd best ice in the deck after Mausolus, and code gates are currently a liability due to Inversificator being everywhere. I want to find a way to get Janus back to replace Orion but Hard Hitting News is way too good. I might cut a Jackson Howard and the Chiyashi and +1 Preemptive Action simply because Janus has been incredibly difficult for runners to deal with in the past, now even more so that Na'Not'K has become the sentry breaker of choice.

I also think Ark Lockdown is a very strong choice for the meta right now given the amount of runner recursion going on. I could have ended a couple games with some key Lockdowns, but the only viable cut is HHN unless I swap off Midseasons and go to a glacier style. I think this is a meta call - one that could be completely removed if FFG would give me one more huge high cost ICE that doesn't fold to Paperclip shakefist at anarchs

28 Aug 2017 Dazzler

So lucky I didnt get to meet this Matchup. This is a strong build. Nice Play Calvin !!