Fat Leaker (5-0 Japan Netrunner Summit 2017, 1st)

GreedyAlgorithm 34

I am a South Korean and flew to Tokyo for this tournament.
It was the second time to participated in tournament in Tokyo.
All of Japan ANR players are really nice! They welcomed me.
And we also had wrap-up party after competition.
Special thanks to Y.KATO. He held JNS 2017 with great effort.

Yes, I know 52 cards are too many for these days.
But I still love this kind of jank.

The plan is simple.
-Bloo Moose + 3x Data Folding + Kati = Vamp
-Same old thing + Deéjà Vu = Blackmail spam
-God of War + Citadel = DLR

3x Employee Strike was worth than Hacktivist Meeting.

Round 1 - Win(Score)
vs Argus(Daichi)

Round 2 - Win(Concede - nearly decked)
vs NBN : Making News(ガソタム)

Round 3 - Win(Concede - nearly decked)
vs NBN : Making News(Mathew)

Round 4 - Win(Concede - nearly decked)
vs PU(Joshua)

Round 5 - Win(Concede - nearly decked)
vs CTM(Magikarp)

28 Aug 2017 MikeJS

Fantastic looking deck, thanks for sharing. I love the triple threat you have! Tell me, did you find Grimoire useful? How about the 2x Clot? Congrats on your performance.

28 Aug 2017 GreedyAlgorithm

MikeJS>Thanks for comment. Assuming all the programs are installed, Grimoire will be needed for Data folding. I hate Shipment from Tennin because I never run.