All The Way Down

gumonshoe 2973

I wish blockade runner was anything else, unless of course I'm having an awful time finding what I need, then it's better than clicking to draw maybe? There's a lot of internal tension, I think you can fix that (looking at mu breakers/alone); but here's where the deck shines.

GPI Net Tap, which maybe should be 3x + turtle is amazingly strong with a snitch on the board. Since GPI has double may, you can always expose whatever unrezzed ice you're approaching. You can do it for as many GPIs as you have. You can do it an additional time with snitch. You can decide then from GPI whether this is the ice you're snitching or not. Effectively, ice can't hurt you unless you let them. Moreover, it means you get min 2 virus counters per unrezzed ice you encounter. This means you can take advantage of leave no trace to power up your turtle if there's a stacked server and your opponent isn't interested in spending creds and/or you break everything if they're willing to.

Desperado + Temujin + Aeneas + R&D interface are your long term goals. If you're having trouble with cyberdex you probably just want to include an archives interface. But, really, there are only a few decks that can leverage cyberdex in a way that's really going to hurt you.

Does this need tuning? Yes, but it's a beast. Most of the time you get up to 20 counter turtles and just run as much as like, like the old atman/andy sucker decks. For the most part this deck does it all in house.

Maybe this deck should be using crescentus+max+fester. I don't know. There's a LOT of wiggle room. Maybe this deck should be using Rosetta. There's a lot of maybes here. The point is that the turtle has a lot power, turtle power one might say. You may find yourself carrying your deck in a half shell like it's a piece of driftwood, not born a salty sea but a sea made of very fabric of time and space, there and not there; perhaps when you touch that half shell you will feel the briefest of air currents and sense the keen edge of a blade unseen that you yet know is there, and yet, do not.

Or perhaps your opponent will stretch wide arms made of code to clear that which they feel is malignantly intruding upon their vast silicon fields of oscillating magnetics and in doing so there will be the faint glimmer of a green arrow, an apple, and then nothing.

30 Aug 2017 FreqKing

Nice! T.U.R.T.L.E. power! Love it, although it seems like its doing a lot of things. Great ideas in there though!