[SOCR2] Snare! and Friends -- Top 4

BizTheDad 135

In the first Cache Refresh tournament I chose Argus as my corp ID thinking that MCA information plus a limited card pool would make Argus good. I was very, very wrong. So, before this tournament I searched NRDB for a good HB Cache Refresh deck and came across @internet_potato's -- my top 4 opponent -- HB deck from last tournament. I tested it a few times and loved it. I made some changes and came up with the version you see now.

Overall this deck went 4-1 in Swiss and 2-2 in the top cut. In the cut I won very close games against a Steve and a Maxx and lost two very close games to those same two decks.

The only big change I made to this deck during the tournament was to slot MCA Austerity Policy when it came out. Because duh...

I included Miraju over other Jackson replacements because I felt I needed some more ICE given the deck isn't an all-out spam deck. It did some serious work throughout the tournament. I can't decide if it's simply good or I'm just biased given I'm so happy it didn't suck. Most games it fired at least three times. The best placement for it is on a central and behind another piece of ICE.

The Snare! did so much work over the tournament that I might start slotting Snare! in every single corp deck I play from now on. I even got a kill using it in one game.

I really like Holmegaard over Assassin. If the runner has enough money they can simply pay the traces on Assassin. If the runner can't break Holmegaard then they'll lose a breaker and not be able to access. In a lot of ways it acts like an ETR.

I had a lot of fun playing this deck and I would recommend it to anyone playing a Cache Refresh tournament.