Do we believe the Rumor Mill? (C2R and banlist Smoke)

Cpt_nice 1178

Just as we barely got past the huge shockwave which was the announcement of Core 2.0, here comes the next big splash. Netrunner is getting a ban and restricted list. While we do not have conformation yet, it seems plausible we will have to adapt our deckbuilding to these new restrictions

The immediate effect on my favorite runner ID, Smoke, is pretty severe. She loses 3 Temujin and a Bloo Moose, and with them loads of econ. And as a shaper ID, she got hit pretty hard by having Clone Chip, Levy AND Film Critic as a pick-one option.

But let's turn these losses into positives. First off, plenty of spare influence! What do we spend it on? Money, first and foremost. I thought about this a long time and I came up with a few options. Lucky Find seemed good but is rotating. Day Job is low in influence but means no runs, which is anti synergetic with Net Mercur. Daily casts is decent but slow and does not use up influence to boot. Ultimately I setteled on Liberated Account. It is basically a worse Temujin which does not require runs, which is both its drawback and advantage. You could always add Career Fair to make it cheaper. Add Daily Casts too while you're at it.

Putting both Film Critic and Levy on the list means choosing. I would say Critic is easily the more vital of the two for both the Skorpios and Jinteki match up. But how do we replace Levy? Well, we still have plenty of influence, so let's add Trope. It is a cheaper mini levy which only adds back the cards you need.

Still plenty of influence. Deck building post banlist sure is easy. Let's add Paperclip as it is the most efficient fracter in the game. Ankusa helps deal with Kakugo, which makes the loss of Levy a bit more bareable.

Lastly, there is still influence left for Switchblade, great for breaking Tourguide and Komainu. Add a few support cards like a second Cloak and 2 Ghostrunner to make it work, and Mirror over Astrolabe for the extra MU.

And done, Smoke all ready to go for the new format. At least until it turns out the banlist is (partially) bogus...

21 Sep 2017 Rahrhino

Do you have a link to the ban list?

21 Sep 2017 Cpt_nice


21 Sep 2017 massisi

Running trope makes me want a 3rd SMC so I can tutor it early without losing the ability to get breakers into play fast

21 Sep 2017 Cpt_nice

@massisi Running a third smc is def possible

22 Sep 2017 HyenaMars

Playing against Smoke gets less and less fun with each and every new update these last few months.

25 Sep 2017 Crowe

Liberated account is rotating out.

25 Sep 2017 Crowe

Oh, it's in 2.0 of course. My bad. Nice looking deck :)