Delivering news (2nd at Malmö regionals)

Bridgeman 232

The game plan is simple, protect your centrals and drain the runner with door to door. Your economy assets are kept reasonably safe by the threat off Hard-Hitting-News as well as the upgrades in the deck.

Once the runner is totally starved for cash it is easy to start to score out agendas.

Some changes to the deck I would make:

-2 authenticator (This was a mistake of lacking testing and last minute decisions, the card does not fit in the deck because if the runner goes tag me your ice should keep them out, if agendas are stolen then door to door goes as well, news hound and IP block do a way better job for the same amount of money).

+1 Psychographics (If you are starting to win the game the runner might go into full desperation mode and take a bunch of tags to get into your servers, or they may simply be playing a tag me deck in which case this card is even more crucial. It i essential for punishing the runner in those situations)

+1 Ip block (just a really good ice in this deck, replaces autenticator)

+1 news hound -1 turnpike (In this deck news hound is simply better than turnpike)

Runners above one link will most likely destroy you, luckily I didnt face any.

Playing a version of this deck with aryabata tech and net quarantine is an interseting option in the current meta and can be more resilient against runners with some amount higher amount of link.