BCI-Bullet Cerebral Interfacing

Handsome Jack 1589

Step 1: 3D-Print some guns

Step 2: Hire your Men In Black

Step 3: Install some Voting Machines

Oh no they stole the Voting Machines

Step 4: Set up a blind date between their brain and your 9mm friend

2 Oct 2017 scd

You actually have 3 spare influence to spend in this deck, given Architect is off the old MWL (and Fairchild 3.0 is on it, so that's your restricted card). What would you do? Replacing VMIs with GFIs would be nice, but can't with FC3 restricted, unless you ditch the FC3s for FC2s or something else? Thoughts?

3 Oct 2017 tonybluehose

lol, I just realized I want to put Voting Machine Initiative in Seidr Laboratories: Destiny Defined.
Also, I like the 4 step plan for murder :)

4 Oct 2017 Krams

@Handsome Jack I really like the idea of Illegal Arms Factory in CI :D

@tonybluehose VMI triggers at start of turn, Seidr ID ability triggers only during a run. Sure, you can put it in. Both cards have synergy with other -stealing effects. But Seidr's restriction is relatively hard.