The 4 player Graveyard Cube - Corp

bluebird503 1966

This is the first iteration of a new cube that I am managing, the "Graveyard" cube. This cube is a mashup of rotated cards that are no longer legal play, along with excess cards you would have from a second core set, as well as cards found in the four available world championship decks. Ideally you can have this cube built 24/7 without ever needing to touch it for your competitive deck building purposes.

The cube is 180 cards and meant to be drafted with a 4 player group. The cube divides evenly into 45 cards, leaving 3 packs for each person. You will draft three 15 card packs going left, right, left(or the other way who cares).

This cube is in its initial stages and has yet to be tested. It is likely very unbalanced. Furthermore there are likely few changes that could be made to balance it without including cards from greater collections, limited the current purpose of the cube(something to do with your first 2 cycles!).

As more cards are rotated and banned (or unbanned) the cube will be updated and managed. Will try to balance with the limited amount of card pool that is available.

As for cube starters you can use the regular cube starters or you can make up your own. I recommend enough agendas for corp side. Priority reqs can be found in original draft packs while later draft packs have a different assortment. Beyond that a few economy cards could likely help. As long as you have them and the corp packs have all of the same is what really matters here.

Adjusting starters is a good way to adjust corp vs runner balance with the cube without doing a lot of work on the actual contents. I recommend that if your having trouble.

Any feedback is appreciated. Remember this cubes main purpose is to allow players to utilize their rotated cards in what is hopefully a fun and useful way. Enjoy.

2 Oct 2017 scd

Nice. Thanks for this! Looking forward to seeing how this evolves as people test it.

4 Oct 2017 Rahrhino

There are some cards in here that couldn't be considered 'graveyard' as they are in Core 2.0 (Project Beale and Project Vitruvius, for instance). I like the idea though! I am using the Stimhack 'up to Double Time' cube at the moment which I would recommend checking out for balancing ^^