Hot Rod

PureFlight 1036



Remember when RevCore got dropped, and you were like, "heh, cool, I should try out Morning Star again."

This is that deck.

I brought this deck to the first GNK of the new meta.

Aside from being just a little on the poor side, this deck has proven to be quite effective after a little practice. HQI is a beast in the new meta. Same Old Thing lets you bring back Makers and cutlery. And you'll be Spooning basically every code gate because BlOrchestra suuuuuucks. #AnarchProbs


  1. You'll try to lock down the remote before they get to 4 points.
  2. Destroy their remote with cutlery.
  3. Take the agendas that piled up in hand with HQI.
  4. R&D lock with The Maker's Eye.
  5. Party


50 cards? I like big decks and I cannot lie. Plus it turns out that Daredevil is really good. I usually draw through my whole deck around turns 16-18, so I don't feel like 50 cards is hurting that much.

Political Operative? Sandburg's been pretty popular in the local meta, and PolOp is one of the best ways to avoid getting locked out. Plus Ash is still a thing, and it hard stops MCA Austerity Policy.

Y U No Mimic? Femme is basically my Mimic. You still install it for 3 via Retrieval Run, and Femme synergizes more with Inject and Null's ability because you want in it the bin.

Why Null? He can get your breaker suite online and rocking really quickly. It's kinda like having an unpurgeable Datasucker from turn 1. A Null bin is worth 4 on Femme and 3 for a conspiracy breaker. I've binned a Femme during a Retrieval Run to surprise bypass a remote Tollbooth. It's hard to lock him out, so you can keep up pressure consistently. You also save slots on D4v1d because anything you'd use D4 counters on, you can just Null a card for free and use an already-installed breaker.


4 Oct 2017 Matt500

You genius. i revisited Null for this exact reason. once i get over Ken i'll be coming home to Null.

5 Oct 2017 PureFlight

I love Ken! You should publish your deck if you enjoy it and I'll check it out :-p

And yeah, take this list out for a spin - I think you'll like it!

5 Oct 2017 Matt500

@PureFlightif i win more than 2 games at the GNK i'll post it. maybe ;)