Honest Val

SneakdoorMelb 693

This is the latest iteration of a Reg Anarch deck, my favorite archetype to play. It's been performing really well for me and I'd like to see if anyone has suggestions. The idea is to have a deck with classic Anarch good stuff but more resilience against asset spam, which was kicking my teeth in.

Notable includes:

Valencia - purely an econ ID choice that we want to build on with multiple Mining Accidents.

Employee Strike - my personal favorite restricted card. Could be Critic if you're scared of Obokata but you have 50 cards, you'll live.

2 Mining Accident - get more bad pub to get more econ for runs and trashing. Could be 3, this card has performed far beyond expectations.

Makers/Legwork - we don't have access to a ton of multi access anymore, so using these intelligently (along with SOT) is important. Would love other multi access suggestions.

Rebirth - amazing in Val. Null and Kim are your main targets, Omar is much less good with no Medium threat. Alice and Reina are ok too.

Obelus - here entirely for the card draw, I really want to burn through the deck. Vigil is also a consideration, as is Maw or Turntable. Anarch have a lot of good generic console choices!

Slums/Scrubber - fight spam. I really dislike Scrubber but RIP Whiz.

Street Peddler - a must in Val IMO, since you get cost reductions from both Peddler and your Bad Pub.

Tapwrm - good ass card that forces a purge often.

This is a work in progress, I'd love to know if you're working on anything similar!

8 Oct 2017 moistloaf

As a serious question,have you considered Skulljack instead of Scrubber? I’ve found it outperforms Scrubber in Val, especially with Mining Accident, you can often sacrifice some early game and then drop a Skulljack and clear out all problematic (naked) assets in one turn