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flamingo 1

Please help me perfect this deck so that I can crush my boyfriend.

9 Oct 2017 rantOclock

An admirable goal indeed.

The deck has a strong core but there are some parts I'd consider easy to cut. Overminds, Clone Chips, and at least 1 of the Special Orders. You could even consider making the Deep Data mining a one of if you need to free up more influence, you've plenty of SOT's to recur it.

As for things to add in.

If you want card draw, Laguna Velasco District is very helpful for Sunny and it pairs great with Symetrical Visage. Other options for cycling quickly through your deck are Deuces Wild and Build Script.

If you want an AI breaker Aumakua is everywhere for a reason and only costs 1 influence a card. Getting a Legwork or 2 for some HQ pressure is also a great idea.

If you are suffering from program hate as the Clone Chips suggest then maybe get Sacrificial Constructs instead, and if you can find the space pair them with Tapwrms to take your drip econ to the next level.

Lastly since your playing a very resource heavy deck and Scarcity of Resources is a thing I'd recommend having at least two copies of Another Day, Another Paycheck.

9 Oct 2017 flamingo

@rantOclock Thank you so much! I played with him again earlier and felt that Turning Wheel was too slow, so I put in Legwork; I also ditched Sports Hopper for Dyson Mem Chip.