The Gentleman Adam

Swan 433

This is a version of Tundinator's list shared on #Adamlounge

I went 2-5 over two days with this list, but two of those games were close, and two of them I got double punative'd early. on the first day I had one more day job and one fewer film critic.

Eudemonia 10/7

Round 1: loss to Tennin. In this game I got absolutely shut out, I couldn't find my breakers and was tentative about facechecking against someone I knew liked to use DNA tracker. Nisei's scored, it was ugly

Round 2: loss to Building a Better World. Double punitive, gg no re

Round 3: win vs Haarp. This was a game against a good friend of mine, I didn't actually find film critic until it was basically over, between find the truth and Destroy all threats and familiarity with the list I found myself at 6 points due to a news team, I then dug for my Shadow net to get rid of the negative point

Round 4: bye

Between tournaments I talked to Conphas on #adamlounge and he mentioned that tennin is a matchup he really likes to start with Always be Running. then it hit me, I could just choose to use Always be running in some matchups! So I sleeved up a second copy of ABR so I could chose to use it

Games of Berkley 10/8

Round 1: loss to Skorp: chose to trust the deck and didn't choose to be running all the time. early double punative. gg

Round 2: win vs Skorp: chose ABR over safety first, corp got flooded, quick win

Round 3: loss vs Glass house Gagarin Prison: also went with ABR, got a ton of accesses with Top hat, had I played Freedom Through Equality I would have won after I ripped a second 3 pointer

Round 4: loss vs CI. Top hat did a lot of work. Stole only 3 two pointers. Shoulda mad dashed

I really like this list. I just mostly need more practice with the runner side of the game.

15 Oct 2017 Swan

Today I played with -2 Career Fair +1 Top Hat +1 Scrubber

Next time it'll also have -2 Day Job +2 Mobius