Just Omar Things

phette23 2212

Went 4-0 in a GNK on Saturday and 0-3 in one on Sunday. :shrug:

A few theories. Omar should be able to farm TTW counters better than anyone. It's hard to productively spend your influence so starting as Omar turn 1 with a proactive ID ability is generally worth it. I put all the draw and money in the deck and I'm not sure what to do with the few remaining spots.

Strike seems to be one of the lesser played restricted cards but it's very good against a handful of IDs (Haarp, Skorp, Cerebral Imaging). I don't see another restricted card fitting in particularly well. Trying out D4v1d as a solution to Sandburg and (don't laugh) Brainstorm combo CI.

Cards I kind of want: Political Operative, 3rd TTW or Maw just for consistency as they're the win conditions, Indexing for centrals pressure, Ice Carver.