Loaded Smoke - 4th at Euregio

MazeBerlin 70

This Smoke is rich enough to be save from getting hit hard. Career Fair, Liberated Accounts and Daily Cast makes it easy to get money early. Compared to Decks running Tapwrm you are not dependent on you opponents credit pool.

Hunting Grounds helps a lot against Jinteki Decks with Data Loop and the usual NBN Ice.

Misdirection is the savior. Too bad every NBN player seems have Best Defense on hand. Don't install it before you can bait some HHN.

Dai V over Atman because its universal and can solve Tour Guide and Komainu.

The Gauntlet is a free Legwork if used right.

Even though the Deck served me well I would do some changes to fit in Clot again.