Intellectual Anarcho-Capitalism

cinnadream 6

Money! Find the money, find the agendas. Flash piles of cash as you jog through. ...Try not to flinch from the inevitable heat.

Tossed together from cards I own and like. First version only had Femme, Sherman, Striker, Mongoose as breakers but I wanted more London synergy. Deck bloat! Could probably be more streamlined or efficient but techs abound and my Earthrise reservation is pending.

Also remember, Nero is bae.

27 Oct 2017 GigaMech
27 Oct 2017 Billrye

Wrm Because money is always a nice thing?

28 Oct 2017 cinnadream

@GigaMech we all need more Nero in our lives! =D

@Billrye thanks for the suggestion! Tapwrm was a card I overlooked, I'll have to get my hands on a Quorum pack and swap it in.