Castle Black

yeoda 945

At the request of @hearthrob, I give you, the wall in the north. (Game of thrones fans??)

To keep out those nasty white walker hackers, HB bioroids stands watch on their big icy walls including Eli, Wotan, and the Heimdalls v 1.0 and 2.0.

Tollbooth and Ash really make a very hard server since it forces all runners to pay their debts (make sure they uphold that Lanister motto).

It's a great deck for beginners who want a solid ICE deck. Build up your servers and collect money little by little and soon you'll have a formidable barrier and army of bioroids. All the game needs is dragons and soon you'll be able to contend for your iron throne in whichever game store you play in!

Hudson and caduceus really seem like its a personal choice. Hudson stops the multiaccess ability and caduceus just added more traces (which is great for Ash) and I noticed most people just gave me the three credits since runners were so exhausted breaking through other subroutines.

I went 3-0 in the tournament and overall went 5-1 (losing only to @hearthrob's CI Killer Hand, Bro deck)

If you're just joining the knights watch of netrunner, Castle black is where you wanna be. Winter is coming. Ice it up.

28 Apr 2014 yeoda

I should really say @elthane is my mentor in this game in helping me keep up with the meta as well as out of it.

28 Apr 2014 Heartthrob

Great deck, great writeup. This deck took down my recent version of Killing Me Softly in the tournament.

I'm thinking it might be tough to survive an early game Account Siphon onslaught or a deck that uses Sneakdoor and Emergency Shutdown. If this deck gets to mid-game though, life is going to be bad for the runner.

Will this deck want Eliza's Toybox?

28 Apr 2014 yeoda

I am pretty afraid of the early game onslaught. I thought about switching out some ice and an eve for green level, but I'm not quite sure if that will hurt defenses.

Eliza's Toybox would be way fun but seeing as to how Ash is really key to stopping a lot of access from runners, And with you mentioning my early game weakness, spending one whole turn to rez a card will slow me down for my late game setup.

I'm not sure, I have to play test it and find some spots for it. Thanks for the comment!

28 Apr 2014 Elthane

It should be noted that this is a variation of Nord's "Red Coats" deck which can be found over at boardgamegeek. Good Job piloting it though Yeoda, you did really well, it is too bad that I could not take down AKAnderson in the last round. It came down to the last turn on my corp game and a lucky R&D access got him the winning point. If I had taken that game off of him then you would have won the tournament--oh well, I played poorly all day. I am going to have to up my game.

28 Apr 2014 Heartthrob

True Elthane, he could have won...but I had the the bad luck of having to play both AKA and Yeoda (going 1-1 against both), while they never had to go against each other.

It's a game of inches. Love it!

29 Apr 2014 Elthane

Yeah, unfortunately thats how swiss rounds go sometimes. Its weird because ffg seems committed to swiss format but has made it very hard to come back from the bottom by considering strength of schedule. Honestly, with how that tournament ended up I feel like we could have played a fourth round to determine a clearer winner between yeoda and AKA.

6 Mar 2016 Shmeguy

Stop pretending you hate Hudson1.0 @yeoda

6 Mar 2016 Heartthrob

He loves Hudson. Splashes 3 in his PE

7 Mar 2016 yeoda

Noooooooo. Oh man... This was the first deck I took to my first GNK