2nd Best Apex at Worlds, First in Apex total victories

Kennyblaze 73

2 place Apex at worlds, first in Apex wins...

Here we go.

the basic game plan is to have Apex be a real boy, he no longer wants to be a sentient virus, he wants to interact with the people he sees on the other side of the screen.

Card choices: Burning through your deck to find heartbeat to keep your levy safe and start the chopbot/reaver/wasteland engine is your goal. Once Levy is safe in hand use extra hunting grounds to fill up with extra apex monies.

Cache - free bucks and if you trash to overwrite triggers your wasteland/reaver without needing to lose a resource

ghost runner - another card that trashes itself through being used, save some bucks

because of the new MWL no employee strike the net celebrity was to shut down evil corp currents, mostly scarcity of resources....

try it, love it.

5 Nov 2017 Murse

Where did you stand overall?

6 Nov 2017 Kennyblaze

My corp let me down. I finished 4-8. I was happy with how apex preformed. I made some misplays but if you can stay true and believe in the heart of the cards he is worth it for the puzzled look across the table

6 Nov 2017 esutter479

Glad you made a strong showing with Apex, Kenny; this looks really good! :) It'll be great to see you back at TTS again, too, in the future.

6 Nov 2017 dawspawn

I've played a few games on Jnet with this deck and it's a lot of fun!

6 Nov 2017 shazzner

Can't <3 this deck fast enough. Extremely similar to the spycam Apex I've been playing on and off.

7 Nov 2017 Kennyblaze

@dawspawn i haven't had more fun playing a runner in a larger event in a very long time.@shazzner i saw a spycam deck floating around a few weeks ago and did some revamping, very glad you are enjoying it. =)