Sandburg CI (1st Place Millennium Cache Refresh League)

sperry 46

This is the corp deck I played to 2nd place in league standings and 1st place after playoffs in the Cache Refresh League at Millennium Games in Rochester, NY. Each Monday for 7 weeks, players could play two games (one per side) against as many league players they could fit into that night. Scoring was 1 point per game plus 1 more per win, and as a catch-up mechanic players earned double points for games played against someone with 10 or more points than them. Week 8 is three swiss rounds between the top 8 players.

It is crazy how well CI can still be CI within Cache Refresh. Econ and draw are limited enough for Runners that it is hard to find answers to the rush potential of 13 gear-checks (while staying out of Stinson range), Sandburg, and MCA Austerity Policy into Elective Upgrades.

As usual with CI, early and frequent single accesses can beat it. I did drop a couple games in the season to this strategy, but it was otherwise solid through various iterations. I also tried a more glacier-y "gotcha" version with Tithonium and Heinlein Grid and another with Estelle Moon and Warroid Tracker. Ultimately, I decided to tune it to support a rush-plan with Hunter Seeker, which could also nab Magnum Opus (got 1!).

I'm just glad our finals were the day after Worlds and before the NAPD could hone in on the deck.