Good stuff Ayla [101st at Worlds 2017]

FreqKing 245

This is the Ayla deck I piloted at my first worlds. The combination of Core 2.0, rotation, and the new banned/restricted list (all great ideas in my mind) left me with little idea of what to play going in and miscellaneous adulting left me with very little time to prepare. I reasoned that playing to my Shaper roots would be better than trying to game the meta so I prepped this basic good stuff shaper a couple days before the event and took it in untested. I missed day 2 on a very close game but was very happy that Ayla went 4-2.

Nothing super special here. Get Mopus out, get breakers, make Indexing runs. Mopus and Misdirection give you a strong game against tagstorm. Sacrificial Construct keeps Clot and Misdirection in play and makes Scorpios sad. Sports Hopper and Biometric Spoofing together nerf CI combo kills with Brain Rewiring, and Hopper allows you to steal Obokatas without dying to Punitive/Neural EMP. Stimhack was fellow Canadian Whiteblade111’s suggestion to enable early pressure and it was an MVP throughout the day. Kept the early threat alive and busted super servers for late game wins. Info sifting was a day-of swap for Legwork. It earned me exactly zero points but I still feel it was the right choice given the prevalence of CI. I was a little pinched for memory in some games, Dhegdheer should have been Leprechaun.


Round 1 loss vs. CTM

I had Mopus and Misdirection relatively early but opponent played excellently and rushed out behind two ice before I could get breakers and money online.

Round 2 win vs. Architects of Tomorrow

Clot double SacCon likely messed with his MCA Austerity Policy scoring plan. I had strong early pressure so he didn’t have credits to leverage AoT into rezzed ice and had only 3 ICE on the board at the end of game. Indexing did its thing.

Round 3 win vs. AgInfusion

I drew into both Sports Hoppers early and felt good about my chances and I got some lucky accesses this match, stealing Nisei before it could score. Built board state, avoiding Stimhack early to preserve Obokata steals. He showed me the Future Perfect using Celebrity Gift and I was able to win the psi game and steal. Indexing into Obokata for the win.

Round 4 win vs. Clones/Biotic CI

Ran aggressively before setting up, netting 4 points. He was able to score out Efficiency Committee and Clones are not People but couldn’t rez ICE and keep econ up to maintain hand size. Stole the winning point from naked Archives check.

Round 5 win vs. glacier CI

Very close match. He was able to score up to 6 points I think, I was on 5. Final round he clicked up to 3 credits and installed a Vitruvius in his 3 deep, rezzed, scoring server. I was on zero credits after beating an Ash last round. I clicked Mopus twice and Same Old Stimhacked to steal with zero credits left. Whew.

Round 6 loss vs. Skorpios

This was my last chance to make day 2. I had intentionally dropped Aumakua for Information Sifting so I was cautious about this match, having no backup breakers. He scored up to 4 while I set up a full rig and 2 SacCons. He burned through the SacCons using Best Defense and Hunter Seeker. I was at 5 points when he removed my sentry breaker from game. I had wiffed on an Information Sifting earlier and he was drawing hard for a Biotic for two rounds. I was sure he had agendas in hand and my last chance was to D4vid past his Archer on HQ for one last Same Old Thing run. He confessed after that he 50-50ed the piles both times I used Information Sifting with 2 and 3 agendas respectively. I missed. Fun game.

Corp deck: