NEH Consulting Group [101st at Worlds 2017]

FreqKing 237

This is the NEH deck I piloted at my first worlds. The combination of Core 2.0, rotation, and the new banned/restricted list (all great ideas in my mind) left me with little idea of what to play going in and miscellaneous adulting left me with very little time to prepare. I took this list, played it once and ran with it. Credit for crafting it goes to the Toronto ANR crew and efay in Winnipeg. Going 3-3 with it is on me.


Round 1 loss vs. Val

Mining accident. Lots of bad pub makes assets sad.

Round 2 win vs. Adam

Early forced trashes put him in the economic hole and he couldn’t pull off the tag me win. Boom.

Round 3 loss vs. Smoke

Smoke plus Maw. Ouch.

Round 4 win vs. Smoke

Scored out 5 3/1s and a Beale for a tough win.

Round 5 loss vs. Val

See round 1.

Round 6 win vs. Smoke

I conceded this round since I was out for day 2 anyway. Played it out for fun and scored out on Quantum Kitties/Data Raven.