No Brigand, I (4th at Gaming vs. Cancer 2017)

twisty_b 631

Boring Andi

Went 5-1 at Gaming vs. Cancer 2017, a charity tournament using the pre-rotation cardpool, MWL 1.2, and randomly assigned IDs. Many thanks to the organisers — it was a fun day, and nice to be reminded just how silly the card pool was pre-rotation/banlist. Look at all these stupid cards. Look at them.

Wins over NEXT Design, The Foundry, Haarp, Architects of Tomorrow and Jinteki Biotech. Only loss was to a spiky AgInfusion which got all its ice and money out before I started running. That was probably a mistake on my part. So, too, was forgetting that I had Caldera installed and taking two Shocks to the face, losing two Employee Strikes in the process. Oops.

So long, Andromeda, and thanks for all the Siphons.

14 Nov 2017 emilyspine

I miss Siphon :(