Red City Smoke [17th Belgian Nats]

Cluster Fox 511

Publishing for ABR purposes.

Round 1 vs Controlling the Message (Dalhill) - Win (on stream)

Lucky Maker's Eye won me the game at time. Not Exchanging the 15 Minutes when he could probably saved me.

Round 2 vs Harmony Medtech (Pumego) - Loss

Really surprised me with the speed it scored out, plus I stupidly hit a Snare! and lost my Feedback Filter. Colour me impressed.

Round 3 vs Cerebral Imaging (Gijs) - Tie

Our first game took forever, so we only had 5 minutes for this game. If we could have continued, I almost certainly would have won. He had no answer to an early Employee Strike and I could breeze through his Fairchildren with Refractor. He scored a Vitruvius, I snagged a Corporate Sales Team from HQ. When time was called he kept me out of HQ with a Vanilla while holding 5 agendas, and I hadn't had time to dig for my Paperclip.

Round 4 vs Gagarin Space Program (Ryanbantwins) - Loss

You know what isn't fun? Breaking Tour Guides with Dagger. Or trying to contest assets as Smoke. Least favorite game of the day.

Round 5 vs Palana Foods (Simon) - Win

Not quite sure what the game plan was, early Hunting Grounds install for Grail/Komainu, and won off Maker's/Equivocation runs. Shame I didn't get to see more of this deck, but Smoke is just really good in this matchup.

The only significant change I would make would be to swap in Aeneas Informants for the Political Operatives (they didn't fire once all day, and I'd forgotten you can't use them to kill Battys). Maybe trade in the Employee Strikes for Interdictions and find room for Film Critic as restricted card, but I think either work fine and it just depends what matchups you have at tournaments.