Omar _HATES_ Ice (3-1 Eudemonia first place)

Swan 444

A revision of my Omar ICE destruction deck, went 3-1 dropping a game to CI and being under agressive. DDoS is a really good card. In something like 10 games between this incarnation and the last one i never levy'd

3 Dec 2017 jase2224

If you never levy'd, what would you recommend for restricted card/use of that influence, or is levy still needed just in case? Also, how does this do against CTM/ARES?

10 Dec 2017 Swan

In the game against CTM I ripped the ARES, generally ignored most of the remotes, I got lucky mosty, I think CTM and PU have the inevitability vs this but I just happened to clean up because the shuffles were in my favor