Flash Tennin

pj20 1434

This deck went 2-1 in a local GNK (lost to Geist, beat Kim & MaxX).

The idea is to rush as fast as possible behind some decently spiky ice. Any time they don't run, you try to FA an agenda from hand with either Shipment from Tennin or Trick of Light. This deck can make tons of money, especially with Mass Comm, so you can set-up and afford some massive servers (Chiyashi / DNA tracker / Colossus).

I had one win where he Legworked & let a DNA Tracker fire (going down to 1 card) & hit 2 Breached Dome in my hand. Kill is possible with an unsuspecting Snare! as well.

Ark Lockdown can be a very useful card as well, for either Con Breakers or a Levy (did this to MaxX). You can recur it either with Archived Memories or get it back in the deck with Preemptive action.

One of my favorite choices was Fire Wall. It's advancable (good for Mass Comm) & starts at strength 5 with ETR (stops the turtle early-game pretty much always).