[S3C] RevCore Reina

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internet_potato 931

Original deck notes:

This is the Reina deck that I played in the first Stimhack 3-Core (S3C) tournament. I wanted to try building decks for all of the factions over the course of the event to get a feel for the card pool.

On the runner side, I thought that Anarch was in decent shape with Liberated Account, Retrieval Run and (critically) a 1-link runner that can use Dyson Mem Chip to turn on Underworld Contact for (as far as I know), the only drip econ on the runner side in the core set.

No particular tricks here-- Forged Activation Orders was intended to work with the ID ability to extend early game economic pressure and potentially trash hard-to-deal-with ICE such as Hadrian's wall and Archer before they become a problem. The rest is basically breakers, econ, and breaker support.

This deck lost (and lost badly) to a Weyland Punitive + DRT kill deck. I was extremely short of draw-- I knew this would be an issue with just the 2 Diesel, but the only other draw in core is Mr. Li and I found the tempo hit from installing him to be unpalatable.

I think that Dyson Mem Chip with Underworld Contact is a good base for Reina's econ in this format, and the hope was that I could set that up for drip so that I could spend clicks to draw and come out ahead. In my game, I didn't get this up until turn 11, by which point I was well behind on board state.

Looking back on it, I think that dropping Forged Activation Orders and Indexing for some mix of Diesel, HQ Interface, The Maker's Eye, and Mr. Li would be helpful.

My game is recorded here, but I was having audio problems intermittently so it is kind of hard to follow :/

27 Dec 2017 FightingWalloon

Yeah. I agree. I'm not a big fan of the Forged Activation Orders.