Asa Consulting Rigshooting

Foxtrott 35

ASA Rigshooting Company

The strategy of this deck is to slow the runner down or lock him out using dedicated events, meanwhile building a boardstate of single-iced economy remotes and a scoring server protected by Heinlein Grid/Mason Bellamy.


Focused on asset econ with Marilyn, Adonis and Pad Campaign.

Beanstalk Royalties as burst econ and to help fuel Weyland Alliance.

Finally Pop-up Window.

Ice Suite:

Nothing too special here, proven good stuff like Turing, FC3, Architect, Ichi.

The barriers are a bit of a mix, as I want to test Heavy, Mid-Size and small Bioroids in this slot and later lean towards the most useful option.

Pop-up-Window and Ice Wall each fill a special role - economy, Weyland Alliance.

Overall a bit more ICE at 17, as I imagine ASA to be ICE-hungry.

Special Operations:

Ark Lockdown: Bin Breakers and similar stuff

Best Defense: Against tag-me Anarchs and zero-cost cards

Enforcing Loyalty: Might be useful in certain situations cough Nexus Shaper cough

Hellion Beta Test: Getting rid of annoying support cards since Escalation.

Punitive Counterstrike: You didn't see that one coming, did you?


Untested Decklist. Advice greatly appreciated.