Maxximum Yusuf

Nick! 144

This deck is a take on PureFlight's "First Things First, I'm the Illest".

I swapped the shell into Maxx for the faster setup and tinkered with some of the cards to better suit Maxx's play style. This deck is tons of fun and has faired quite well (8-0) in the casual lobby of against Asa, Skorpios, CTM, and Gagarin, so far.

The build basically uses Aumakua/Yusuf/Datasucker/Progenitor for continued pressure. Breaking barriers for free feels...GOOD! This deck also reminded me how much better Black Orchestra/MkUltra are with Datasucker tokens abound. Mining Accidents help even more. I included 1x Paperclip for quick entry in a pinch after a purge, while Fester makes the corp think twice before purging. Find the Truth is the R&D multi-access (while helping gather information about your opponents deck) and Legwork (and Same Old Legwork) are the HQ multi-access, Mad Dash helps get the 7th point, while Scavenge helps reset a program onto Progenitor if draw is backwards or to bring David in from the heap.

Best Defense can be a pain if Progenitor is trashed, but if you suspect Best Defense, I'd suggest not using Progenitor. Although, with multiple copies of the viruses, not to mention Levy, Trope, and Retrieval Run, you have some resilience should your Progenitor get Best Defensed.

4 Jan 2018 PureFlight

That record is a lot better than mine! I think swapping out expensive-to-install things for MaxX-friendly events is a great move.

The other day I had built up about 10 sucker tokens when my opponent slammed down an Oaktown behind a triple-adv Fire Wall. I threw down a Yusuf and used 6 sucker tokens to break it for free. Feels good, man.

4 Jan 2018 Nick!

It really does! I’ve enjoyed the deck a lot. You don’t always feel super rich, but with a bad pub or 2, Aumakua, and Yusuf/Datasucker you aren’t super money hungry

4 Jan 2018 Nick!

@PureFlight Yeah, it does feel great! I think my favorite part about this deck is that it can run off of very little money and still find it's way into a server.

7 Jan 2018 SillySod

Would Cyberfeeder be relevant? Possibly in place of some fester. Gives you better bounce back in case of a purge.