Like Geist But With Tutors - 2-1 at Orlando, FL GNK

indeflab4 162

Took this deck to a 5 man GNK in Orlando, FL to a 2-1 record. Inspiration for this deck was a similar list posted on this site the week prior, but with changes made to add cards I considered more suitable to the archetype while cutting extra copies of Wasteland for more Spy Cameras and Street Peddlers. Basic strategy of the deck is to use Tech Trader to make money off all of your cheap installables to power your runs on R&D and the remote, using Sports Hopper, Street Peddler and Laguna Velasco District to draw your deck quickly. Random aside: this deck had no name until I went to the event and discussed the deck strategy with another player, where I summarized the deck with the title used here.

Round by round breakdown:

R1: Played against the podcast The Source's Ve on Calibration Testing CtM. This deck suffers hard against asset spam, and this round was no different. Ve's assets reached a point where I could not handle them effectively, but I made a showing and at least kept the pressure up. The loss was inevitable.

R2: Played against a player on a rushy Personal Evolution deck with Neural Emp as a backup kill plan. I had a ridiculous early draw, including all 3 Tech Traders in the first four turns along with a Laguna Velasco and Sports Hoppers. Camped the remotes and R&D, and then poked HQ until all the agendas fell out.

R3: Played against a Harmony Medtech deck on all 2 pointers, looking to do a rush/FA style strategy. Spy Camera found a Braintrust on R&D turn one on an open R&D (opponent ICE'd HQ and a remote to protect the 2 agendas already in hand). Used the early point advantage to take a few turns to set up, and then shake 4 more points out of HQ after the corp player installed and advanced a failed trap in their remote to Trick of Light tokens from it to another Braintrust in hand. Had two runs worth of credits to attack HQ on my last turn, found the winning agenda on the second run.

I was surprised that Spy Camera Hayley was still a viable archetype, and also with how well Laguna Velasco allows for one to set up this deck's economy. All-Nighter also surprised me as well, but it turns out that getting a click and 2-3 credits for 0 clicks (Hayley install triggers are awesome, if you didn't know) is pretty dang good. Three copies of Sacrificial Construct was too many, definitely going to cut down to two in future testing and put in a third All-Nighter to decrease the set-up time and have more zero-cost cards to generate credits with Tech Trader. This deck really needs some way to combat assets, I'm heavily considering including a few copies of Paricia in that endeavor, but unsure what to cut right now for them.

Thanks to those who came out to CoolStuffInc. Games for hosting the event, to the other folks who came out to the event, and anyone who read the deck description this far. Leave your comments/feedback down below!

8 Jan 2018 lostgeek

Nice to see others play around with the Spycam Hayley build, too. I hope this cycle will give Shapers a few more trash cans to play around with :)

Now that you mentioned it I added All-nighters back into mine, but I don't know about the Street Peddlers. While it is a 4 credits (5 with Wasteland) profit, it has bitten me quite often when I had two of my breakers on it.

Also you could think about adding Beth as a one-of. You will see her early with all the Laguna draw and it pays out big in the long run.

9 Jan 2018 indeflab4

@lostgeekYeah, hopefully there will be some neat inclusion this cycle for this deck, I didn't really explore this archetype until recently and it's been enjoyable to say the least.

I feel that Street Peddler is important for set-up turns since there's no other way to get to Laguna early, save for Sports Hopper, and I personally have a penchant for not seeing my draw engines early, thus leading me to Peddler. Another point for Peddler is that you can use it to gain Tech Trader money and gaining Hayley triggers on your opponent's turn, giving you more credits and clicks to set up. If someone forced me to cut Peddler, I'd probably put Clot and some other 1 influence card in, possibly Turning Wheel to gain HQ pressure.

I thought about Beth A LOT as well when building the deck, but couldn't find the slots with 6 Cams AND all the other tech. Losing the Peddlers would probably open the slots back up for a copy of Beth, but I'd miss having the all stuff I mentioned earlier with Peddler.