Comrade-ish Val 1st place at Ground Zero SC

FoilFlaws 1089

Normal Val with only a few tech choice.

Turntable is a large help in the meta right now, especially if you start slow. Swap 1 pointers vs CTM and take away Elective Upgrades vs various CI builds. A lot of agenda suites now are a mixture of 1 or 2 pointers and a few 3 pointers so denying their score is helpful.

Citadel Sanctury was a tech call for CTM and was ok in testing but I didn't use it all day. I would take them out for Ice Carver and Datasucker unless CI Kill is present in your meta, then I would use Mercs.

Matchups were UK Skorpios, Audacious Moons, AgInfusion and Comrade-ish CTM. We had 8 people but did a top 4 cut because a 3-round, no cut SC is lame. I was top of swiss and went undefeated in top 4.

21 Jan 2018 FoilFlaws

This deck is legal, I just never updated my legality.

25 Jan 2018 inniscor

@FoilFlaws the reason this says it's not legal is some cards are from core instead of revised core.