A lunatic goes to Örebro

hnautsch 80

The corp deck I took to the Örebro SC 2018. Basically rotages deck. I replaced a Cerebral Overwriter with a third copy of MCAAP, but maybe that could have stayed or been replaced with something else. Went 2-2 for the day.

I beat a Hayley (Punitive kill) and a Sunny (scored out) and lost to a Val (was stupid enough to spend money to rez an Enigma in front of a GFI and then i realized I was 2 credits away from killing with triple Punitive) and a Gang sign Leela (they just stole too many agendas too early).

Update: Took this to the next SC in Karlshamn too. Went 3-0 in the swiss, beating Smoke, Geist and Apex, and could ID the final round. Lost pretty quickly to another Smoke in the first round of top 4 when I mulliganed a bad hand into a worse hand and then proceeded to draw lots of agendas but no ice. Also Smoke got out a t1 Film Critic and which denied me the Punitive option. Ended the tournament at 4th place.