Calibrating ASA (6th Store Champs)

Midseasonpsycho 157

This deck took to me 6th in 17 person store champs. It's my first build around the ID which I am really enjoying. Deck went 3-2 on the day.

Things I found out: Ultraviolet is fine as you can install 2 cards at the end of your turn to clear up your hand but I found you ended up dumping things in new servers or the wrong place just to get them down. I think Lateral Growth may be better, or neither.

Shipment worked in every game at some point, I think 1 is enough as it could be a dead card in your hand for a while.

Ash is great and saved me a couple of times.

Crisium worked but once trashed it was never a target to team sponsorship back and paying 3 to rez was sometimes more of a hit to me! this may have to go, DBS would be nice.

Mirāju always came at the wrong time as only being 1 its unlikely to see it when you need to stop the indexing. This might go too for more DBS or Whampoa Reclamation.