Mimosa Adam

thebigunit3000 2270


Went 4-0 with this at Mimosa SC (Canton Games, MD). Brandon H also did well with this list, piloting it to 2nd. It is very, very well-positioned in the meta right now.

6 Feb 2018 Saan

People kept saying that Adam was probably just a couple cards off being good. I guess that number was exactly two! =P. Cool deck list, and grats on it's performance. Also, sorry that your Corp deck let you down so hard (as I assume it must have to get 10th with an underfeed runner record).

6 Feb 2018 Seamus

Is multithreader really worth it?

Also, would you consider swapping out drug dealer/lovegood with earthrise/career fair?

6 Feb 2018 Damien Stark

Multithreader is also food for turning Emergent Creativity into Aumakuas. If you cut it, you'd probably want to replace with similarly costed Program or Hardware...

7 Feb 2018 Oooer

@Damien Stark It probably needs a ruling, but can you just trash 0 cards with Emergent Creativity to tutor something for full price?

8 Feb 2018 TKMaximus

@OooerIt says "any number of programs or hardware", and 0 is a number. No confirmed ruling as yet though I believe

10 Feb 2018 thebigunit3000

@seamus Multithreader is definitely nice, but I'd probably go down to 2x and have an even 45.

I wouldn't swap out lovegood because he's amazing. Blanking neutralize all threats while checking remotes, or blanking abr allow you to play a lot more flexibly. Given that I want two lovegood, I think drug dealer is a natural choice.

14 Feb 2018 TacMage

Equivocation seems great with Emergent Creativity, good call. How do you handle the NBN matchup? I've taken to adding Misdirection, and it has really helped, since I find Turning Wheel hard to load up vs CTM.