CtM! CtM!

osclate 686

I went 4-1 with this deck at Mimosa Store Champs, finishing first in Swiss but fourth in the cut.

In Swiss I beat two Valencias, a Geist, and a Hayley. I lost to a (very drunk) Adam in the cut.

I wanted to try out some of the new White Nile cards. NGO is great, of course. Threat Assessment is a good way to give your opponent a tempo hit when they are ahead on credits, but I'm not sure it deserves the slot. It was super fun to use it on a fully-loaded Off Campus Apartment, though (sorry, Dan!). I never drew Jua so I don't know if it was worth the slot (probably not).

I'm experimenting with running 3 Marilyns and 0 Pads. I like Marilyns much better because you can bait a run in your scoring remote, gain some money for a few turns, and then install over them, shuffling them back into your deck when you draw an agenda (or want to bait another run).

The deck's secret is that it doesn't have Hard Hitting News. You still have the benefit of people playing around it, without having to use a card slot! I think Sea Source is more valuable than Hard Hitting News, so I'm running 3 of those.

Could still use more tuning, but it was a fun deck to play and did better than I expected!