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Leadership is a deck that is designed to more directly lead the Runner into accessing the cards that we select via Shiro, Inazuma, and Susanoo-No-Mikoto. This is a deck that has been brewing in my mind for a few days now, and I decided to put it out there to weigh the concept. While the deck is built for the Harmony Medtech ID, it really wants the Jinteki flavor of Chronos Protocol: Selective Mind-mapping. Since we don't know what the vote will select, I'm not bothering to build a Mind-mapping build until after the vote is done.

This deck is a very odd Jinteki Flatline that revolves around the use of Susanoo-No-Mikoto and Shiro to force trap damage onto the Runner. This is still very shaky as I need to evaluate the economy and card draw in the current build before I start cutting cards for a more solid win condition via Ronin/Neural EMP/Scorched Earth/Punitive Counterstrike.


  • Reduce the Runner hand via Chairman Hiro or landing Komainu, and then utilize Shiro's effect to force a Runner access of a trap from R&D for a flatline.

  • Utilize Shiro and an R&D run (possibly launched from Bullfrog) to pursuade the Runner to access multiple traps in R&D.

  • Load the Runner down with Shi.Kyu and flatline via Philotic Entanglement.


The economy is a mixed bag employing Celebrity Gift with Blue Level Clearance and Green Level Clearance for work compression. Profiteering is also present, but will likely be an early replacement as it was only included to allow for Philotic Entanglement.


The Agenda selection was made to offer a low Agenda density in the deck. Unfortunately, 1 Executive Retreat was cut to provide room for Philotic Entanglement with Profiteering only included to bring Agenda Points to the necessary levels.


Except for Chairman Hiro, all assets are of the trap variety. Shi.Kyu is the only non-R&D triggering trap and was included for it's utility purposes. I've been aching to use Chairman Hiro in a deck, and borrowed the concept of utilizing 3 Agenda Point cards with Harmony Medtech from rpgdmcash's Jinteki Matchpoint series of decks to mollify the trash risk inherent with Chairman Hiro. In addition, Chairman Hiro combos with Philotic Entanglement if he is trashed.


Caprice Nisei was included as a second layer of protection for Chairman Hiro.


Precognition is the only non-Economy operation included in this deck, and is present to assist Shiro while potentially hiding Agendas from Runner access.


The ICE is intentionally porous as we want the Runner to access cards and additional ICE in this build. Hive is present as protection for Chairman Hiro. Susanoo-No-Mikoto is a Phase 2/3 event to guide the Runner into an Archive that is hopefully full of Shi.Kyu and Shock!.


There is still a lot of directions that Leadership can move into, but I need time to properly test this initial build to determine the strongest growth. Revisions have included Tori Hanzo possibly with Hokusai Grid, utilizing Jinteki Replicating Perfection, and more damage oriented ICE. As mentioned above, the next big step for Leadership is to determine what can be cut to add in direct damage for a stronger finishing flatline.

1 May 2014 bubo

An interesting ruling from Lucas at BoardGameGeek.com states that if Inazuma or Susanoo-No-Mikoto are invoked, and there is no ICE in the correct place (i.e. Inazuma is the last ICE before access or Susanoo-No-Mikoto send you to the Archives when no ICE is present on the Archives), then the Runner is forced to access cards.


1 May 2014 x3r0h0ur

I think the purpose of susanoo is to force the runner to access archives, where you left your shocks, shikyu and in PE, agendas sufficient to flatline or set up flatline.

1 May 2014 x3r0h0ur

To the deck, I had this similar idea in PE with shocks and things in R&D, and was disheartened when I found out ShiKyu doesn't work in R&D, which I presume means with Shiro.

1 May 2014 bubo

Yeah, Shi.Kyu's restriction in R&D is a check on it's power. Still, it's a dead draw for the Runner in R&D and the smart Runner won't trash it. By utilizing Shiro's rearrange before a forced draw, it is possible to work around that limitation.

I originally tried this with PE, but when I went the low Agenda density route I found that PE's power became minor. Harmony Medtech was selected simply because I wanted to try Chairman Hiro and the 3 point agenda concept from Matchpoint offers an unusual cushion for Hiro.

1 May 2014 bubo

Honestly, I'm not sold on Hiro's inclusion here. I want him in a deck, I really want him in a deck, but with the number of support cards I'm investing in him..... I'm not sure his effect is worth that many cards dedicated to him. I'm thinking those 4 slots would be better spent on a couple of Chum's, and either Jackson Howard or more economy.